During times of Celebrations, it is our Chinese culture to present gifts to our seniors, friends & business allies. WuGuFeng cheerful & prosperous-looking gift boxes are all carefully designed & tailored to be the best gifts for the season. The following items comes in gift boxes : 1) Cantonese-styled Egg Rolls 2) Almond Straw 3) Golden Egg Yolk Su 4) Special Pineapple Cakes 5) Peranakan Pineapple Shortcake 6) Singapore Pineapple Filling Cookie 7) Singapore Mango Filling Cookie
5 new proud additions this year : 1) Merlion Mango Shortcake 2) Lion Head Coin Pineapple Shortcake 3) Coconut Shell 4) Silver Bait Shell 5) Mango Shortcake Single in a Butterfly Box.

在普天同庆的时候,送礼是我们华人的传统文化习俗。五谷豐精美的礼盒正好是送礼的佳品。包装在礼盒里的产品有 :1) 港式蛋卷 2) 杏仁酥条 3) 黄金蛋黄酥 4) 特制凤梨酥 5) 娘惹凤梨酥 6) 新加坡凤梨小馅饼 7) 新加坡芒果小馅饼
今年特地增添了5样新礼盒产品:1) 鱼尾狮芒果酥 2) 狮子头铜钱凤梨酥 3) 椰子瓦片 4) 印鱼瓦片 5) 芒果酥单粒蝴蝶盒装

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