Celebrate 15 Years of WuGuFeng with 15% off their beloved Mango Cake

Get 15% off artisanal bakery WuGuFeng’s speciality Mango Cake

Every Singaporean has grown up on our sunny island home with the familiar tastes of curry puffs, pineapple tarts, and kaya toast.

In the past decade, a gift pastry shop right here in Singapore has been a talking point of the town, making waves among pastry connoisseurs, and being touted by many businesses as the go-to bakery for their gift pastries.

Their Mango Cake is highly sought-after by businesses and consumers alike. And now’s your chance to get it at a whopping 15% off!

WuGuFeng has specially selected THE MANGO CAKE (from our full range of products) to offer 15% Discount to thank our valued customers for their support over the 15 years in Singapore!

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From HK to SG: a brief history of WuGuFeng

WuGuFeng draws its expertise from over 60 years of practising the art of Asian-Fusion oriental gift pastry making.

Beautifully infusing every pastry with authentic traditional flavours and modern cosmopolitan influences, the bakery continues to wow Singaporeans and tourists with their mouth-watering baked treats.

This is no surprise given that many of their recipes date back far – having been passed down from more than a century ago!

A bakery like WuGuFeng that is adequately competent to showcase its dedication to the invaluable cultural craft of pastry gift-making in Singapore is a rare find and a definite must-try. So read on, and find out what this delightful power bakehouse offers!

WuGuFeng’s perfect gift pastry: Singapore Mango Cake

Mango cake can be found at many local bakeries, but no one does it quite like WuGuFeng.

An oriental twist on the Western favourite fruitcake, this unique gift can only be described as exquisite. Being baked with real dried candied mango fruit bits while remaining moist. 

WuGuFeng’s mango cake is fragrant, flavourful and quite literally, melts in your mouth.

Perfect for parties or family gatherings, this cake weighs in at close to half a kilo – perfect for feeding both young and old, while still having enough left over for you to enjoy for an afternoon tea (or snack on) in your own comfort.

It also comes in an elegant gift box, making it an ideal personal or corporate gift. Glitzy enough to present, affordable enough not to bust your budget.

If mango isn’t your cup of tea, not to worry, there are a ton more pastries and flavours for you to explore.

Even more gift pastries: Kueh Lapis, Peranakan Bakes, and Mooncakes

Nothing says ‘You’re appreciated’ or ‘I love you’ quite like a gorgeous gift pastry. So before you start buying up mango cakes like there’s no tomorrow, here are a few more of our favourite picks:

Kueh Lapis

lapis cake

Originating from Holland and eventually becoming the food of Indonesian Royalty, WuGuFeng masterfully reinvents the Kueh Lapis in Original, Prune, and Pandan to deliver a delightful array of flavours while retaining the authenticity of the dish.

Peranakan Traditional Gift Pastries


Pineapple Shortcakes, Mango Filling Cookies, and Coconut Shells are just a few of the diverse fusion bakes designed to tantalise your palate. Whether you’re craving something on the heavier or lighter side, these unique Asian spins on popular tea-time snacks are sure to leave you wanting more.

Signature Mooncakes

For any festive occasion, WuGuFeng’s mooncakes are smooth without being overly rich. Baked with only the finest olive kernels, pine nuts, macadamias and pure lotus paste, this beloved classic is made for sharing with loved ones.

All bakes are Halal approved

WuGuFeng has also taken steps to ensure their bakes are 100% Halal certified so they remain accessible to people of all cultures.

Ready to order?

Claim 15% off WuGuFeng’s speciality Mango Cake!

To those of you who made it here — we hope you enjoyed the learning journey! If you scrolled to the end, well, there’s nothing more Singaporean than a good deal.

Simply visit the WuGuFeng website and enter ANNIVERSARY15 at checkout. WuGuFeng has specially selected THE MANGO CAKE (from our full range of products) to offer 15% Discount to thank our valued customers for their support over the 15 years.

15% discount for the Singapore Mango Cake (1lb). Only from 10 March 2023 till 31 Dec 2023. ONLY for purchases DIRECT FROM WUGUGENG website

*Physical Departmental Stores selling WuGuFeng’s products DO NOT PARTICIPATE in this promotion.

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