Assorted Christmas Cookies (210g – 290g)
多种口味圣诞曲奇(210克 – 290克)

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This year, our Chef specially created :
1) Strawberry Butter Ring – 210g
2) Citrus Peel – 290g
3) Mixed Fruit – 290g
4) Strawberry Filling – 290g

Other flavours like Butter, Chocolate Chips etc.. are also available.
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Strawberry Butter Ring – Butter cookies used as base, and topped with shiny, yummy strawberry jam! Hmm, the great taste of childhood!

Citrus Peel/Mixed Fruit Cookie – Christmas will be lusterless without Citrus Peel & Mixed Fruit! These cookies are a must have during Christmas and ours has a large serving of Citrus Peel & Mixed Fruit, making our cookies super chewy!

Strawberry Filling Cookie – Stuffed with Master Chef Bruce\’s special Blueberry Filling, the buttery dough is specially formulated light and fluffy to blend well with the fillings.

Sell in a set of 2 pkt

Store @ ambient cool, dry temp
Shelf-life 2 months


Sell in a set of 2 pkt
Every pkt : $14/$16/$17/pkt (inclu GST)
Min order quantity : 2pkt totalling $28.00/$32.00/$34.00 / set of 2 pkt

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Strawberry Butter Ring 210g/pkt, Citrus Peel 290g/pkt, Mixed Fruit 290g/pkt, Strawberry Filling 290g/pkt