Azuki Bean Silky Mochi (60g)

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Our HK Pâtisserie Master Chef’s perfect creation! Master Chef Bruce prepared our very own Azuki Bean Filling, using only top grade Azuki Beans to make this Refreshing Japanese-style Silky Mochi. The paste is encrusted whilst still hot, with Japanese Silky Mochi, blast-freezed, then immediately individually wrapped to ensure top-most freshness and hygiene standards. It is not-so-sweet, just perfect for our affluent and health-conscious customers.

Passing down through generations, the Yuan Xiao is consumed by Chinese throughout the first 15 days of the Lunar New Year to signify reunion and the safe, joyous come-together of all in one whole family. WuGuFeng Yuan Xiao is a light, refreshingly chilled, ready-to-eat dessert that will appeal to one and all, young & old!


五谷豐的日本红豆元宵,是礼饼大师利师傅的完美杰作!自家煮的红豆馅,按照独特秘方,把日本顶级红豆用慢火熬制,然后趁热即刻包上一层日本马驰粉,滚成一粒粒可爱的马驰球,将之急速冷冻,再独立包装,制作过程一气呵成,保证产品的新鲜与卫生。 日本红豆元宵不太甜,非常清香,是上等佳品。即开即食,非常方便!


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