Christmas Gingerbread Star 40g
姜饼圣诞幸运星(40克)(Set of 10)

$60.00 (Price Inclusive of 8% GST)

The Star of Bethlehem.
Our Gingerbread Christmas Star is flavored with molasses, ginger and warm spices, and endowed with a crisp-outside/soft-inside texture, they taste as wonderful as they look!

Let this LUCKY CHRISTMAS STAR usher in a prosperous new year for one & all!

Sell in a set of 10 pcs

Store @ ambient cool, dry temp
Shelf-life 2 months


Sell in a set of 10 pcs
Every pc is 40g : $6/pc (inclu GST)
Min order quantity : 10pcs totalling $60.00 / set of 10 pcs

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