Colourful Koi Fish Nian Gao (Bundle of 3)
彩色锦鲤年糕 (一套3条)
$24.00 x 3 = $72.00/set套

$72.00 (Price Inclusive of 8% GST)

Symbolising raising to greater heights in all endeavors of the year, this colourful and pretty Nian Gao is popular in the Chinese Culture, especially during Chinese New Year. It is an auspicious symbol, not only nice to look at, but delicious to eat!



1 Fish 450g/pc @ $24.00/fish

Purchase Set of 3 fishes : $24.00 x 3 = $72.00/set

愿购一套3条 : $24.00 x 3 – $72.00一套

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