Double Yolk White Lotus 180g
双黄白莲烘皮月饼 180克
4pcs in Gift Box @ $70.00/box
$20 x 2pc Loose@ $40.00/bundle

$40.00$70.00 (Price Inclusive of 8% GST)

The hot favourite variant of all times! We use pure lotus paste that is prepared with our own recipe and imported directly from Hong Kong. The sugar level of our lotus paste is maintained at a lower-than-market standard hence our paste is literally not so sweet, smooth and has an ultra-silky soft. Salted egg yolks are carefully selected & marinated to ensure that the yolk size, their beautiful orange-red colour and the oil level is precisely right for the making of mooncakes.

好事成双!在花好月圆的佳节,人们送礼总爱讨个好意头,也要求体面,因此《双黄月饼》已成为各大企业和个人互送的必有佳品。《五谷豐》对选择月饼材料非常讲究,在现今物价高涨的年代,那怕原材料价钱再贵,礼饼大师利永滔(MASTER BRUCE LEI) 还是坚持绝不偷龙转凤,仍然选择采用最好的香港入口,“不太甜”纯白莲,挑选最香,最漂亮,油水最多的咸蛋黄!我们相信,只要我们坚持用好料,顾客一定能吃得出,一定能体会出我们的诚意!

4pcs in Gift Box @ $70.00/pc (inclu GST)
Bundle of 2 pcs Loose @ $40.00/bundle (inclu GST)


ISETAN Scotts Supermarket Basement 1
Date: 01 September – 29 September 2023


4pcs in Gift Box
Each Mooncake Individually packed in
Beautiful Metal Gift Box


Single Mooncake Individually packed in
Beautiful Metal Gift Box.
Bundle of 2 pcs Loose
(No Rigid Outer Mooncake Box)
180g/pc @ $20.00/pc (inclu GST)
Total : $40.00/bundle

(Open for Pre-orders. Delivery starts from 28 Aug 2023 onwards till Mooncake Festival)

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4pcs in Gift Box, Bundle of 2 pcs Loose