Macadamia Cheese Cookie
夏果芝士曲奇 (Bundle of 2)

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Resembling the shape of an ancient Chinese gold ingot, the cookie is made with high quality powdered cheese and the aroma is so strong that it seems about to burst out of the cookie can anytime!
The finishing touch of crunchy macadamia half nuts and red capsicum powder toppings fully compliment the cookie\’s overall savory taste. This baby is truly a delicious piece of art!

MOQ : 2 cans

【五谷豐】礼饼大师利永滔,特别选用意大利最受欢迎的乳酪之王 ,帕馬森乾酪粉制作,香味浓郁,似乎要从罐子里爆出来一样!经过的客人远远就能闻到它的香味!曲奇上摆放半颗爽脆的夏威夷果,再撒上红通通的特选甜椒粉来衬托芝士的咸味!

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$30/can x 2 cans
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