Macadamia Nougat

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Milk Nougats is a favourite candy for many, but some nougats tends to stick onto the teeth, making it impossible to chew. WuGuFeng Master Bruce Lei supervises his entire manufacturing process, making sure that every single step is made in accordance with his special recipe. The ultimate product is chewy but not sticky and is a temptation that one simply cannot resist after first bite!

牛扎糖(Milk Nougats)是许多人爱吃的牛奶软糖,但有一些牛奶糖很容易黏在牙齿后方,无法咀嚼,只能让它在嘴里自行融化。《五谷豐》利大师亲自督造的手工牛扎糖,入口QQ且有嚼劲,弹牙而不粘牙,一吃就会让人停不了口!



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