Mini Snow Skin Sakura Macadamia White Lotus 50g (Pearl White W/ Sakura)
迷你樱花夏果白莲冰皮月饼 50克
9pcs in Gift Box @$56/box
$5.50 x 10pc Loose@$55/bundle

$55.00$56.00 (Price Inclusive of 8% GST)

Natural Salt-preserved Sakura from Japan in the snowskin & our top favourite roasted Macadamia White Lotus as the filling inside – this Babe is definitely unique, fragrant & truly beautiful!
This combination may seem simple but, let me tell you, it is JUST PERFECT !
With good quality ingredients, no gimmicks is needed to win the hearts of our valued customers!

WuGuFeng SnowSkin – ALL NATURAL with no added colouring and flavouring.

Or buy loose in bundles of 10pcs. Can MIX & MATCH all 3 flavours (except MSW Durian).

特地从日本入口的盐腌樱花,色泽保持得像鲜花一样艳丽。利大师把它加入雪白冰皮内,让月饼皮白里透红,散发微淡花香,极为羞涩迷人! 饼馅特采用广受众人推崇的润滑夏果白莲,简单但非常具诱惑力!


或弃盒散买,10粒一套,可从3种口味中任选凑足10粒 (猫山王榴莲口味除外)

9pcs in Gift Box @ $56.00/pc (inclu GST)
Bundle of 10 pcs Loose @ $55.00/bundle (inclu GST)


ISETAN Scotts Supermarket Basement 1
Date: 01 September – 29 September 2023


9 pieces in a Rigid Mooncake Gift Box
Each piece is 50g
Individually wrapped in colourful gift wrap


Bundle of 10 pcs Loose (No Mooncake Box)
Can Mix & Match all 3 flavours of Mini Snow Skin Mooncakes (EXCEPT MSW DURIAN FLAVOUR)
(State your choice of flavour(s) and the respective quantity in the REMARKS section when Checking Out)

50g/pc in Gift Wrap : $5.50/pc (inclu GST)
Min order quantity : Bundle of 10pcs
Total : $55.00/bundle

(Open for Pre-orders. Delivery starts from 28 Aug 2023 onwards till Mooncake Festival)

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9pcs in Gift Box, Bundle of 10 pcs Loose