Original Lapis Cake Slab in Box 600g

$39.00 (Price Inclusive of 8% GST)

The Kueh Lapis originates from Holland and is a rich European cake consumed only by the Royals. Indonesia, being part of the Dutch Colony, first learned how to make this multi-layer cake and later spread the formula to Singapore & Malaysia. The formula is further localised by adding spices to appeal to the local taste palate. WuGuFeng’s Kueh Lapis retained the authentic richness of this European cake but enhanced & perfected by our HK Pâtisserie Master Chef’s unique high-tech processes to ensure the freshness, quality & hygiene of our product. 2 Flavours to choose from : Original & Prune
This year, we have specially launched a new packing the 600g SLAB Gift Pack to cater to customers buying for self-consumption.

千层蛋糕其实源自荷兰,是名副其实的欧洲蛋糕,非常有档次。荷兰配方流传到东南亚一带后,由印尼,马来亚,新加坡本土烘培师傅加入了各自的本地色彩和道地的香料,演变成我们熟悉的Kueh Lapis。经香港礼饼大师利永滔的巧手,五谷豐的千层糕不但延续了传统欧洲蛋糕的特点,还添加些许的独特色彩,完成得更香醇,更美味!
有两种口味供选择 : 1) 原味 和 2)西梅