Peranakan Pineapple Tart
娘惹凤梨挞 (Bundle of 2)

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The pineapple filling is purposefully exposed outside to take direct heat from the oven, adding extra chewiness to the mouth-feel. This appeals to quite some number of tart lovers. The crust is buttery and so soft that it melts in the mouth the moment it is being popped in.

MOQ : 2 cans

刻意把凤梨馅露在外,接受烤炉的温度,使之更加有咬劲 – 某些人超喜欢这样的凤梨挞。挞底用香味浓郁的纽西兰纯正牛油制成,松软芳香,入口即溶!

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$28/can x 2 cans
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