Pineapple Filling Cookie
凤梨小馅饼 (Bundle of 2)

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The core of specially selected top-grade pineapples from Thailand are carefully removed leaving only the juicy meat to be used to cook into the most fragrant pineapple paste, which is then rolled & wrapped in full buttery and local-flavoured crust. One cookie per bite, each bite is so tempting that one would certainly reach out for more!

MOQ : 2 cans

采用自家特别挑选的特级泰国纯正“蜜糖”黄梨,去除黄梨心,只用多汁的黄梨肉, 煮成香甜可口的黄梨馅,再包上我们南阳风味的酥松牛油皮,揉成一粒粒小圆球的馅饼,一口一粒,粒粒都充满诱惑!

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$27/can x 2 cans
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