Pineapple Spring Shortcake 60g
凤梨春饼 60克

$250.00 (Price Inclusive of 8% GST)

There is nothing lovelier & more enjoyable than springtime, when the year-end cold days gradually melt away, spring brings on a new beginning.

The filling of our Pineapple SPRING Shortcake is made of fragrant premium pineapple paste which is wrapped with a unique butter crust that simply melts in the mouth! It\’s taste somehow, just seem able to bring out that budding, yet-to-explode energy of SPRING!
With the arrival of the new lunar year, simply seeing the Chinese character 春 imprinted on the surface of the shortcake would be enough to cause one to automatically feel that rush one\’s of adrenaline already! Chiong Ah!

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$5.00 x 50 = $250.00
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