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Special Pineapple Cake (12pcs/box)

$30.00 (Price Inclusive of 7% GST)

(Price Inclusive of 7% GST)

Using carefully selected top-grade pineapples from Thailand, we carefully remove the core and use only the juicy meat to cook into the most fragrant pineapple paste which is then wrapped in full buttery and local-flavoured crust and pressed into the shape of a stable cube. A more economic packing, 12pcs/box, value for money!

采用自家特别挑选的特级泰国纯正“蜜糖”黄梨,去除黄梨心,只用多汁的黄梨肉, 煮成香甜可口的黄梨馅,再包上我们南阳风味的牛油皮,压成一粒粒四平八稳的凤梨酥。比较经济的包装,内有12粒,价廉物美,物有所值!