Traditional New Year Cake 1kg (Nian Gao)

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New Year Cake or ‘Nian Gao’is a must-have during Chinese New Year, it generally signifies Growth or Progress. Parents will want their children to eat Nian Gao so that kids will grow up well & healthy while youngsters will make good progress in their studies or careers. Our New Year Cake is vacuumed-packed and rich in ingredients. Simply steamed it to enjoy.

年糕是一种不可或缺的新年糕点,有着 “年年快高长大” 的寓意,家长们都要让孩子们多吃年糕。我们的年糕以密封包装,材料充足,只要蒸热,就能享用。


1kg/pc (Wooden Gift Box)

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