WuGuFeng Turmeric Curry Leaf Chocolate Sandwich Cookie 黄姜咖哩叶白巧克力夹心曲奇 8片

$28.00 (Price Inclusive of 8% GST)

Layers of cookie are first made using wholesome Turmeric to give them the unique earthy, almost musky flavour.  The vibrant yellow-orange shade of Turmeric also gives the cookies a colour which is heart-throbbingly delightful and truly natural!


The two thin crisp cookie layers are then used to sandwich a perfect-cut-to-size slab of real smooth, buttery White Chocolate!

Can you imagine how pretty this creation is? Two layers of exciting yellow interposing a layer of pure white in-between – this miniature sandwich is already so charming to look at, not to mention savouring its taste!


Each of these exquisite sandwich is lastly topped with a carefully selected piece of curry leaf.


Our Gift Pastry Master Bruce LEI meticulously clean, dehydrate & then lightly heat each & every piece of these Curry Leaves to precision so that the leaves’ distinctive, intense & full-bodied flavour can be fully enhanced.  There is really no words that can adequately delineate the marvel of a Curry Leaf’s taste!  One really have to taste it oneself to experience this Divinity!


The pairing of turmeric & curry leaf has been always a magical combination in many a South East Asian cuisines.  Being as avant-garde as WuGuFeng always is, we have adventurously created this darling this time, so that we can introduce our well-loved Singaporean pallet to the rest of the World!


8 miniature sandwiches in a Gift Box.

Each sandwich is individually-wrapped.

Price : S$28/box

Net Wt : 12g/pc x 8pcs (Individually-wrapped) – 96g

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